self storage

Self storage comes in many shapes and sizes, so there’s no surprise that it can be hard to choose an option. Here are some of our expert tips to help you choose the best local self storage provider for you.

Are the mobile?

One of the biggest selling points of self storage options are their convenience, but nothing is more convenient than having a module delivered directly to you. Your local self storage provider should be able to deliver the right sized storage module to your door so you can pack it at your own pace and send away when you’re done. Mobile self storage units make packing your belongings into storage easier as they save you time from having to do back and forth trips to a unit.

Safety measures

One of the most crucial things to consider when choosing a local self storage provider is of course security. The safety measures put in place to protect your belongings should be state-of-the-art to prevent anything from happening to your things. These should include CCTV security, monitored and restricted access and locks on each module or storage unit.

Customer service

The manner in which a reliable and professional company addresses their customers should be friendly. The people you deal with should be focused on servicing your needs and tailoring a solution to you. All member of their team you speak to should also be able to answer any questions you have regarding your self storage needs.


Pests are known to cause tremendous destruction to valuable items. Boxes containing household goods can be invaded by roaches and rats can make a meal out of wooden furniture unless there are preventative measures put in place. Pest and vermin control should be a priority at the local self storage provider you choose.

Options available

If you’re unsure about how much space you need to store all of your belongings, or if you have no need for one large storage unit, a variety of options can help. At Grace Self Storage, we provide a number of different sized storage modules. Each of these are mobile and can be delivered directly to you for packing. For more information on the size of box you need, use our helpful space calculator.

Although at Grace Self Storage we only service Sydney, for Melbourne and Sydney, we also provide Smartbox. For more information on Smartbox self storage solutions, visit the Smartbox2u website.