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Although the technologies, systems and services that can assist with creating a paperless office have existed for a long time, there are many organisations that are still suffering under the overwhelming piles of paper and have not yet mastered seamless records and document management. There are however two changes that can be made to everyday practices that yield superb results in lowering overheads and bringing greater efficiency to the business by minimising paper usage.

  1. Processing of invoices

Before many computerised accounting systems were available, it was common place to produce paper invoices for customers. However it is now standard practice for many businesses – regardless of size – to implement a paperless invoicing practice.

Some of the benefits of switching to digital invoicing include:

  • Decrease in manual workload of staff chasing and reproducing ‘lost’ invoices
  • Doing away with the ever increasing price of postage
  • Increased security for delivery of sensitive financial information
  • Increasing the sphere of businesses to work with – for instance, some government bodies only accept electronic invoices
  • Speeding up the time-to-payment as the invoices are delivered quickly and directly to the client
  1. Off-site document storage

Although going completely paperless is ideal, it is still quite important and at times a legal obligation to maintain and store records produced by your business. This is where outsourcing to a professional service provider like Grace Information & Records Management can be highly beneficial.

Advantages of storing and managing your documents off site include:

  • Safekeeping of sensitive information is assured due to extensive security measures in place
  • Document retrieval is made easy due to specialised tracking and on demand delivery options available including scan to email service
  • Highly sophisticated and secure Web Hosted Storage can hold every document ever produced by your organisation and made accessible via an online login system
  • Increased staff efficiency due to the ability to find what they need effortlessly

It is important to remember that by reducing manual interventions and increasing automation in your daily business operations, overheads will be lowered as staff can dedicate their time to the more important tasks ahead of them. Your business will also save costs in printing of documents that can be stored easily through Grace’s web-hosted storage service.