Grace Information Management Blog

Important business records accumulate everywhere around the office and if you are not careful they can nearly double overnight: in the out tray of your desk, in boxes in the corner, in the office cabinets, and communal compendiums.

If not kept a track of properly, important documents can quickly become an administration nightmare. The problem is not only the physical paper lying around the office; but more importantly how to integrate this information into the digital environment.

When information is not stored in a productive and easy to access manner it increases operating costs, decreases productivity and can lead to lost opportunities. But where to start? If you don’t have an information or records management system in place it can seem an impossible task to manage. Start off with business critical information, the information your business depends on and constantly requires access to.

The best way to kick off the process and transition from paper to digital is by scanning your ‘arms reach’ information. It is important to work with a reputable company, such as Grace Information & Records Management, that can design a tailored working solution to easily access your new digital files. It is a waste of resources if you digitally convert your office’s filing system and don’t have an easy document retrieval option in place.

The next point of call is to go through the rest of your office paper files, the ones you haven’t looked at for years. Do you really need to keep all of these files? Under legislation there are certain business documents you are required to keep, but do they need to be cluttering up your office space. If the answer is no, then we recommend off-site secure storage with easy document retrieval options. Should you choose to store your documents with Grace, you can rest easy knowing they are kept in purpose-built facilities that are equipped with 24 hour security and safe from environmental hazards. And for those files you come across, which are no longer required, it is important to dispose of via secure destruction.

Our secure destruction service will come to you. We send out a Grace owned fleet vehicle operated by trained staff committed to maintaining the integrity of your documents, who will collect the files you no longer require. The documents are then brought back to our secure facilities and destroyed in a confidential manner.

If your company can identify the benefits of an effective digital information records system you will be able to reap the rewards of a productive workplace and free up valuable office space. Contact Grace Information & Records Management to find out how we can customise a solution for your records and help you to decide whether to keep or destroy.