Grace Removals Blog

Imagine this, you’ve spent all morning packing boxes and tidying up loose ends at your old home. You arrive at your new home, craving a cup of coffee but you suddenly realise the kettle is buried in with 5 boxes marked ‘kitchen’. What do you do?

Grace Removals recommends you pack a ‘survival kit’ of items you may need immediately upon arrival at your new house, so you don’t get caught out.

You’re ‘survival kit’ will be an individual thing but some items you may wish to include are:

  • An electric kettle, coffee mugs, coffee/tea and teaspoon
  • Toilet paper, tissues and soap
  • A bottle/can opener, knife and paper plates
  • Cleaning clothes and cleaning products, especially sponges
  • Screw driver, torch and hammer
  • Favourite toys for young children.

To make sure your ‘survival’ kit is easily accessible, pack all the items in a separate box, clearly marked ‘survival kit’. Then place the box at the rear of the load to ensure that it is one of the first items unloaded.

All you need to do now is boil the kettle, sit back and take a well-deserved break.