Relocating to the United States of America

Grace Removals are your international removals specialists with the skills and experience plus international partner network to ensure your relocating to the United States of America (USA) is a smooth transition. We have the proven ability to manage relocations from beginning to end, and will be with you every step of the way to answer any questions that may arise no matter where in the states you are moving to. Grace is an active member of the international removals industry with array of services catering to your needs including specialised packing, transit insurance and helpful destination information.

United States of America

Moving-to-USA-San-FranUSA is often known as the land of opportunities and is made up of 50 states, from Alaska in the north to Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean. America is a popular destination for many expats; with a strong multi-cultural scene, and large communities from Mexico, Spain, Africa, Puerto Rico, China and India. With over 300 cities from the beaches to the snow, bright city lights to mountains, and everything in between; you are sure to find an American city that caters to your lifestyle.


Visa and immigration

School EducationWhether you intend to visit the USA for a few days or immigrating long-term, you must obtain an immigration visa before entering. You will need to apply for a Green Card if you wish to permanently live and work in the USA, which can be a lengthy process. For more information visit the USA Bureua of Consular Affairs.

The USA Homeland Security Department also prevents anything that would injure community health, public safety, American workers, children, or domestic plant and animal life from entering the country.


Foreign Exchange United States of AmericaThe US Dollar is one of the strongest and most influential currencies in the world, despite the collapse of the US housing market during the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Cost of living in America largely depends on which city you decide to relocate to; from affordable Columbus to expensive New York. Grace Removals have partnered with OzForex to make your relocating to the United States a seamless moving experience; offering a convenient and competitive solution for foreign exchange with no fees.


Top three things to do in USA

  1. Go sandboarding at Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado.
  2. Climb the Stairway to Heaven, Hawaii.
  3. Indulge in a traditional Southern barbecue in South Carolina.