Fine art

International art removal is a process that puts your fine art and antiques at risk of accidental damage. Some of these risks are out of the control of you and your removalists. Understanding the process of moving fine art internationally can help you better protect your art against damages and help you feel more at ease with leaving your prized possessions in the hands of removalists.

  1. Pre-move Survey
    A pre-move survey is conducted by a fine art removalist to determine what needs to be moved and how. This helps removalsist understand what packaging materials need to be used to protect your fine art or antiques as well as how best to move the art.


  1. Packaging
    Packing art for transit is one of the most crucial parts of an international art removal. It’s what safeguards your art and antiques against any damage. Removalists will determine what materials should be used in the pre-move survey. Packaging may also include custom-built crates.


  1. Transit
    During transit, art should be stabilised to prevent any damages during transportation. Damage can be caused to fine art and antiques by friction or movement within a container. Therefore, removalists may build a custom crate to fit the art or antiques or provide further packing within the crate.


  1. Clearing quarantine
    All imports are subject to a country’s custom and quarantine laws. Unfortunately, the only control you have over clearing customs is declaring what the art is. For more information on importing art and antiques into Australia, read the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service fact sheet.


  1. Delivery
    Delivering and installing fine art and antiques can again place the items at risk of damage as movement is involved. Sculptures and art should be kept and hung in an environmentally controlled room to avoid long term and irreversible damage caused by fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

Hire an Accredited Removalist

Grace are the only Australian member of International Convention of Exhibition and Fine Art Transport (ICEFAT). ICEFAT are a global organisation representing 70 of the finest independent art transportation firms from 33 different countries. Each member of ICEFAT specialises in handling and shipping works of art, artefacts and antiques for museums, galleries and dealers, corporate and private collectors and auction houses.

You can rest assured that Grace, as a member of ICEFAT, is able to provide the highest quality service on an international scale.