Streamline your Information Management

Streamline your Information Management

Streamline your information management processes with workflow automation. Consolidating traditional paper-based records and digitising them requires processes to be straightforward and easy to navigate.

Why you Need to Automate your Information Management

Automating workflows involves the process of electronically documenting and mapping records and the rules associated with them. Workflow automated systems are able to make rule-based decisions regarding files that are kept, allowing you to manage your information seamlessly and effortlessly.

For workflow automation to work effectively, documents and their uses need to be identified and the rules associated with them defined properly. This will allow the system to alert the personnel nominated to approve or view the file. Rely on the experts at Grace Information Management to professionally manage your workflow automation.

At Grace, we understand how important it is for your business or organisation to meet compliance requirements. That’s why we set up automation processes for record retention schedules so you don’t have worry about checking dates of records and when, if ever, they need to be securely destroyed.

Benefits of Workflow Automation

Automating the workflow process of your information management will save your business valuable time by making the retrieval of records easy. Improve the efficiency of your document management and trust Grace to automate the capture, storage and retrieval of your records. Benefits of automating your workflow with Grace includes:

Without effective workflow automation, records can spend days being shuffled around the office in envelopes or via email. There’s no guarantee that those records will be received or approved in time. Avoid bottlenecks in approval processes and automate your businesses workflow with Grace.

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