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Effective information management solutions are those that integrate with your organisation’s current systems and enhance them. All industries and businesses can benefit from tailored information management solutions. From managing open shelf file storage in the healthcare industry, to storing records and meeting compliance requirements in the government and finance industries, Grace can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Tailored information and record management

At Grace, our information management solutions incorporate archiving, digital and destruction services. We manage records for the entire duration of their lifecycle. As a result, we help your business meet its sentencing schedules and relevant retention laws. Our bespoke solutions are also safe and secure and are designed to meet the needs of all modern businesses and organisations. So, we can help your organisation maintain compliance. Whether it’s legal regulations or customer needs, we’ll ensure your information management approach is the best fit.

Additionally, we specialise in transitioning your information management from paper-based to digital solutions. Doing this allows your organisation to streamline its information workflows and protect its data integrity. Therefore, you can take advantage of cost benefits and increases in efficiency.

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As the population ages, the healthcare sector is under greater strain with less time and money to spend on optimising information workflows. To properly look after increasing caseloads while retaining staff, the industry is forced …

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Despite its practical importance in the construction industry, paper-based record keeping can create a series of costly problems. These include impractical filing systems, misplaced records and the subsequent need to source or re-create them. The …

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The Digital Continuity 2020 Policy is a primary driver of the Australian Government’s digitisation goals. It is potentially the biggest information management challenge the public sector has ever faced. As the digitisation deadline approaches, Australian …

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For manufacturing companies, efficiency of production depends on information workflows. Agile companies are more capable of optimising their operations, monitoring their compliance obligations and planning for future challenges. The manufacturing sector relies on accurate, real …

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In an on-demand financial world, ensuring swift and secure access to information can mean the difference between closing a deal and losing it. The efficiency of information management is affected by a range of obstacles …

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Legal professionals have a responsibility to protect information passing between them and their clients. In an increasingly privacy conscious marketplace, the information management practices of law firms are important to consider. Failure to adopt effective …

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Bespoke information security management

Secure your physical and digital records with our transportation service, moving sensitive information in our company-owned, security fitted and tracked vehicles. We also guarantee security by storing your records in our state of the art warehouse facilities. Grace manage and protect your documents to the highest standards.

Our experts also understand that your information management solution needs to be able to adapt to future changes. Therefore, we continually monitor your account and provide you with access to your reports and management solutions via a secure online portal. We also recommend the best course of action to further increase your workflow efficiencies. As a result, your organisation can stay ahead of the information management game.

Allow us to craft an industry-specific, tailored information management solution for your organisation. Thus, increasing your efficiencies and protecting your data.

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