Discreet Document Shredding Services to Protect Your Business

We’ll shred and destroy any sensitive information, products and materials to help secure your business.

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Shredding Services

At Grace, we place a strong emphasis on security and confidentiality. That’s why we will create a bespoke solution to cater to all of your advance security destruction needs.

If you’re storing your documents and records in one of our nationwide Grace Information Management facilities, we’ll monitor their lifecycle and a Grace representative will contact you as they approach the end of your records lifespan, seeking authorisation to securely destroy the article. Our secure document shredding processes complies with ASIO Category 4 accreditation, pulping and recycling, where possible.

Certificates of Destruction are issued upon request to clients to verify the completion of the destruction process, giving you proof of your secure destruction.

Protect Your Identity

Prevent identity theft from affecting you, your employees or your clients and securely shred and destroy your information.

Not only does shredding protect you against identity theft, it also helps businesses adhere to legal obligations under the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme. Sensitive business information that has fallen into the wrong hands can damage a business’s reputation, lead to legal action and result in financial losses.

Avoid the unnecessary burden of identity theft and data breaches and protect your information by shredding it in the most secure environment. At Grace, our comprehensive shredding services are designed to save you both time and money.

Shred More Than Paper

Shredding isn’t limited to the destruction of paper. In fact, many large companies now take advantage of shredding to destroy the products they keep off the open market. These products include out-of-date and damaged stock, or products that could affect sale prices if exposed to the open market. Anything from clothing and handbags to guitars and media hard drives can be destroyed via a shredder.

Whether you’re protecting your identity or destroying sensitive business information, Grace has a shredding solution for you.

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