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Grace understands the importance of security and confidentiality when it comes to information management, document storage and security destruction services. As the secure document destruction company, Grace has established a brand that is synonymous with integrity and customer service.

We develop bespoke data destruction services to best cater for all your advanced security destruction needs. From document shredding bags and secure document transport to the operation of our security shredding facilities, Grace offers a complete solution.

For clients storing records in one of our national Grace Information Management facilities, a Grace representative will contact you as documents approach the end of your established records lifespan, seeking authority to commence secure destruction. Our document shredding processes comply with ASIO Category 4 accreditation and includes pulping and recycling where possible. Certificates of Destruction are provided on request, verifying the completion of the destruction.

Protecting Your Identity

Identify theft is a very real concern for businesses as it can affect you, your employees or your clients should your information not be properly managed or destroyed.

The shredding of documents ensures you are protected from identity theft while complying with your obligations under the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme. This in turn reduces the risk of reputational harm, legal proceedings and financial damages from the loss of sensitive business information.

Shredding More Than Paper

Grace’s secure facilities and comprehensive shredding services can destroy more than paper. Companies also rely on Grace to destroy the products they keep off the open market such as out of date or damaged stock and products that could negatively affect sale prices if made available publicly. From clothing and handbags through to musical instruments and media hard drives, Grace’s shredders can safely destroy it.

Trust Grace to destroy your sensitive business information, just as you trust us to store your data and manage your information.

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