Open Shelf Storage for Efficient Information Management

Manage your records and maintain retrieval on demand with an open shelf file storage solution.


Managing high volumes of active records with fast turn arounds in the healthcare, government or private sectors should always be secure.

Storing Active Records

Active records are those that your organisation needs to access on a regular basis. Secure open shelf file storage is the perfect solution for managing records safely and effectively. They can be delivered, as required, to your door.

At Grace, we store your active information and records in an open shelf file system within our secure facilities. We use innovative barcoding and cataloguing systems to ensure you have instant retrieval and access to your records when you need them.

Why Choose Open Shelf File Storage?

Open shelf file storage provides many businesses and organisations with more than just fast retrieval of documents. The benefits to storing your active records include:

  • Reducing the need for on-site storage space
  • Reducing costs for document management and risks associated with managing active records
  • Providing a single management system that includes digital and physical records
  • Increasing security and compliance with legislation
  • Providing faster turnaround times

Offsite Storage for Security and Compliance

At Grace, we provide organisations and businesses with offsite open shelf file storage on specialised racking that is secure and catalogued accordingly. Our experienced professionals manage your records according to your filing system to avoid confusion. Your records will be managed with retrievals, refiles, interfiles and dropfiling handled by our professionals.

Open shelf file storage isn’t limited to physical records. At Grace, we also provide online management of file metadata searching, tracking and processing of service requests, providing your organisation with your offsite inventory at the click of a button. That means you’ll be able to identify, locate, and request a file which we’ll deliver to you, securely within the timeframe required. We’ll also provide a report on the history of individual files to help you remain compliant with data legislation and maintain control of your data.

Choose Grace for your open shelf file storage solution. Our dedicated Information Management team will collect your information, store it securely in one of our secure facilities, and deliver it on time within a secure and tracked vehicle. From sensitive medical records and x-rays to legal documents, you can trust Grace to keep your information safe.

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