Secure the destruction of your media and hard drives

Protect your business from identity theft and data breaches with the secure destruction of your media and hard drives.

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Protect your Media and Data

With further advances in data storage devices comes the increased need for up to date data destruction methods. Grace prides itself on providing a complete e-waste and data destruction service in which we utilise specialised shredders to break down the devices and ensure all data on them is completely destroyed.

Cloud-based systems now allow businesses to store much of their work online. Without proper destruction of your devices, your information is at risk of falling into the wrong hands. At Grace, we offer hard drive shredding, soft media destruction, CD and DVD destruction, backup tape destruction and the destruction of other types of data storage devices, including mobile phones and USB drives.

We only use the latest methods for secure data destruction to ensure we maintain the highest level of service and security to our clients. After all, you can never be too careful with your data security.

Destroying Media Storage Devices

Destroying your media and hard drives doesn’t have to be difficult. At Grace, we can provide 240 litre lockable bins for you to fill. Once you’ve filled your bin with your data storage devices, including USBs, hard drives, CDs, DVDs and mobile phones, simply call us or schedule in a regular collection. Our highly skilled drivers will pick them up and transport them to a secure destruction facility.

The machinery we use for data destruction is specially designed for media products. It breaks products down into select sizes, guarantees the destruction of all data and eliminates the chance for anyone to recover your information. We can shred your data storage devices down to pieces as small as 3mm.

Detailed certificates of destruction, including product serial numbers, can also be provided on request. We also provide additional services such as serial number scanning and photographic evidence on the certificates if required.

Grace is able to reduce your company’s impact on the environment and recycle up to 98% of all data destruction and e-waste that we collect.

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