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Information Management in Manufacturing

For manufacturing companies, efficiency of production depends on information workflows. Agile companies are more capable of optimising their operations, monitoring their compliance obligations and planning for future challenges.

Manufacturers with poorly managed information workflows can experience lower profitability and higher rates of staff turnaround. A multi-faceted approach to improving information storage and access will help companies improve their overall processes.

Accurate Information in Real Time

The manufacturing sector relies on accurate, real time inventory information to operate successfully. The older the information, the less useful it is for decision making. Although it may seem obvious, poor inventory management through a lack of timely information access is one of the industry’s biggest efficiency barriers.

Paper-based workflows are a big part of this challenge as they carry issues of impractical filing systems, misplaced records, and haphazard archiving practices. The lack of a single point of truth across production units also impacts the speed and efficiency of file retrieval.

Manufacturers often have multiple facilities that must work in unison, so a lack of an integrated information management system that provides data access in real time can therefore make coordination extremely challenging.

Companies also need to adhere to regulatory compliance requirements. Compliance related documentation needs to be managed effectively and failure to do so can result in costly production delays and financial costs.

Information accessibility issues make it difficult to meet compliance obligations when documents are lost or badly coordinated. The costs associated with storing archives aren’t just financial. Companies are also at risk of violating the Privacy Act 1988.

Meeting Compliance Requirements

Another challenge created by poorly optimised information management in manufacturing is weakness in regulatory compliance. Compliance-related documentation needs to be managed effectively. Failure to do so can result in costly production delays and exclusion from tenders.

In addition, compliance in manufacturing is also complicated by an excessive reliance on paper in many businesses. While paper remains an indispensable part of workflows, failing to adopt digital systems can result in a lack of automation. By implementing an automated process for handling compliance you can lower costs, limit errors, and eliminate the risk of violating compliance requirements.

At Grace, we help businesses stay compliant by staying ahead of industry-specific legislation and creating sentencing schedules tailored to your specific needs. As part of this service we can set up automated document management systems that prevent the accidental destruction of files and implement a verification process.

Our expert approach to your information management solution ensures your business complies with relevant legislation at lower costs. Grace’s professional information management consultants carefully monitor your records for retention requirements, thereby limiting expenses by ensuring files are not being stored unnecessarily.

Grace Information Management Solutions

Grace provide solutions that facilitate the proper integration of digital systems. We conduct an audit of your existing archives and organise them using an intuitive indexing system. Documents can then be retrieved on demand with a simple online request. Our system allows different manufacturing units to have access to the same information in real time.

The best information management solutions directly address major data-handling challenges and provide additional accessibility, compliance and adaptability benefits. Thus, we provide real-time, on-demand access to your records to help your units communicate more effectively and reduce the chance of costly errors. A faster, more secure chain of custody equates to greater efficiency as information flows become smoother and more reliable.

We’ll also deliver files and documents to you, securely and quickly, on demand. Our streamlined and intuitive electronic document access system naturally increases retrieval speeds and create more responsive workflows. With Grace, achieve real time information access, communicate more effectively and reduce the chance of costly errors.


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