Protecting Privacy in the Legal Industry

Improve your information management processes to maintain your client’s privacy and security.

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Maintaining Privacy with Information Management

Legal professionals manage large amounts of confidential client data every day, working within strict privacy laws to ensure information is effectively protected. The information management practices of law firms are vital to ensure client confidentiality and compliance regulations are not breached.

While physical records are an indispensable reality for law firms, they present numerous challenges. From strict security requirements through to large floor space needs, archiving legal files in line with retention requirements can become costly and inconvenient. Coupled with erratic indexing, the time staff waste on locating documents can quickly get out of hand.

Keeping up with Compliance

Law firms must consider the implications of breaching compliance from mishandling retention and destruction requirements. Where it may have once been optional to discard client documents that had no primary purpose, failure to dispose of records appropriately can now constitute a legal violation.

The digitisation of records can not only provide a practical solution to paper-based systems, it also provides multiple layers of safety. The practicality of infinite storage through cloud-based systems has the potential to encourage the long term storage of records, preserving all archives without requiring valuable floor space.

The other side of this is that without space restraints, information is more likely to be over-collected, redundantly duplicated and poorly-indexed. This can all negatively impact the establishment of proper document lifecycles, as neglecting sentencing schedules can create additional liability in the event of a breach.

Grace can establish effective retention and sentencing schedules according to your needs, ensuring destruction occurs when documents reach the end of their lifespan. This in turn ensures your compliance is maintained, with certificates of destruction provided for audit purposes.

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Minimise Risk and Maximise Efficiency

The ongoing reliance on paper-based record keeping actively reduces a company or firm’s ability to aggregate important data and provide this in an easily read and accessible format to clients. Even for firms with well-connected online workflows, without properly optimised digitisation they still face difficulties.

An effective digital solution, tailored to the specific needs of your firm, will promote collaboration across multiple devices while ensuring compliance with regulations, ethical standards and professional conduct as costs are reduced.

The Grace solution ensures your data is available in real time, providing immediate access to up to date records. This increases efficiencies and productivity while offering a streamlined document retrieval process and an optimised information management system.

Information Management in the legal industry

Grace Information Management Solutions

Dedicated to maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of your data, Grace ensures effective information storage security for both physical and digital records. Physical records are transported within our fleet of company owned and tracked vehicles, remaining solely within Grace care from the moment they leave your premise to when they arrive in our secure facilities.

Our storage facilities are equipped to protect your archives from fire and water damage, with 24-hour CCTV surveillance and security patrols protecting from theft. Our digital security infrastructure is just as thorough, with user-access permissions and encrypted data to ensure only authorised people have access to your information.

The experts at Grace are aware of the evolving legislative environment and adapt to changes to ensure your firm remains compliant while meeting your record management needs. Our archiving and indexing processes for records integrates with your existing systems to make retrieval simple and easy.

Trust Grace for a full range of tailored information management solutions including real-time tracking, a secure chain of custody and, complete and customised cataloguing, indexing and sentencing.

Custody and Compliance White paper Download our report, Custody & Compliance, to learn more about the potential security risks your law firm may experience at the hands of poor information management.

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