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Information in the Healthcare Industry

As the population ages, the healthcare sector is under greater strain with less time and money to spend on optimising information workflows. To properly look after increasing caseloads while retaining staff, the industry is forced to modernise its information management systems. As a result, health information management lags behind many other sectors.

Fortunately, Grace offer solutions to help healthcare institutions optimise their information management in line with confidentiality, accessibility and environment concerns.

Protect Patient Confidentiality and Welfare

Patient welfare is the number one priority for healthcare organisations, and information management has a role to play. Additionally, confidentiality is a top priority for healthcare institutions. Keeping patient records safe and secure is integral to ethical operation and compliance. Therefore, healthcare data privacy is no longer a simple matter of keeping records in a locked room. Rather, it is an area of very real vulnerability with serious ramifications if breached.

The benefits of better privacy and security for information are also hard to overstate. Patients are protected from identity theft. In addition, healthcare institutions are able to avoid costs associated with loss of information.


Ease and Speed of Access to Information

The ease and speed of information access has very real consequences for patient welfare. A lack of information access leads to poorer decision-making and less satisfactory clinical outcomes. Therefore, healthcare facilities need information management systems that make both hard and soft data available on demand.

The health sector can benefit from information management solutions that make existing hard-copy processes easier. Solutions that facilitate the proper integration of digital systems help avoid risks. Grace deliver solutions that are speed-conscious and easy for you to access and utilise. Thereby automating much of the document retrieval and management process.

Additionally, at Grace, we use intuitive interfaces, customisable and responsive, with indexing that integrates seamlessly with your existing system. Our system also allows your digital data to be accessed and shared across a wide range of devices with approved personnel.

Grace tackles the confidentiality, accessibility and efficiency challenges confronting healthcare providers. We integrate our archiving, digitisation and retrieval solutions with a wider range of offerings. These include asset management and data courier services, customisable ICT, cleaning services, office relocations, and countrywide support.

Benefits of Quality Information Management

Quality external information management solutions ensure the security of data in offsite facilities. Grace’s storage facilities are designed and equipped to protect documents from fire and water damage, as well as theft. Additionally, all Grace employees undertake a Police Criminal Security check to guarantee their security. Moreover, your archives are also set up in such a way that staff cannot identify their contents at a glance.

To ensure the same level of security when transporting documents, we rely on our secure fleet of company-owned vehicles. As a result, our secure chain of custody means we never outsource collection or delivery to contractors, even outside urban areas or normal trading hours.

At Grace, we assure your digital security through an administrative console with airtight security configurations, function-level verification, and application-level security. Therefore, we limit users to accessing only the functionality and data they need. If local systems go down, we’ll deliver back-ups on demand.

The benefits of trusting Grace to provide quality information management solutions include:

  • Increased privacy and security
  • Optimised floor space
  • Ease of access to records and patient files

Secure your Physical and Digital Records with Grace

Our information management solutions ensure the security of both physical and digital records. While securing your records might sound like a solution that decreases access to data, Grace ensure it’s anything but. Take advantage of our secure Open Shelf File Storage solution and we’ll deliver your records on demand.

Meet your responsibilities in patient confidentiality and welfare by maintaining their privacy with our secure information management solutions.

Download our report, Healthy Data, for more information on how better information management can help healthcare providers maintain patient confidentiality.

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