GDO Enhanced Scan on Demand

A faster and more sustainable way to get access to your files stored off-site with Grace Digital Office.

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Enhanced Scan on Demand

A digital file retrieval service is a faster, more efficient and more sustainable method of requesting your files stored off-site with Grace.

While storing documents off site can save you money and space, it can be hard to ensure access when you need it. Storing your records with Grace, however, gives you access to our Enhanced Scan On Demand Service, combining the effective document management you know with our digitisation services. This long term, cost effective solution supports your ongoing transition to digital information management, reducing recurring physical archiving costs while providing faster access to critical information as you need it.

The Process

  • A Scan ‘On Demand’ request is made via your Grace Digital Office which is linked to your existing grace: web account
  • File (or carton containing the file) is located, pulled from storage and flagged for scanning
  • File (or carton containing the file) is scanned, indexed, and quality assured in accordance with National Archives of Australia and relevant state records specifications
  • Optional enhancements are then completed;
  • Bookmarks to assist in finding relevant sections of your records, such as applications or wide format plans
  • Splitting of files into smaller, more manageable sizes and Merging wide format plans into their original position
  • Improved Metadata through matching to existing internal databases, such as Name and Address
  • Auto-Registration into an existing Electronic Document and Records management System
  • Scanned images are uploaded to a provisioned Grace Digital Office and made available to the requester
  • Physical file/carton is refiled or securely destroyed

Quality Assured

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