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Government Going Digital

The Digital Continuity 2020 Policy is a primary driver of the Australian Government’s digitisation goals. It is potentially the biggest information management challenge the public sector has ever faced. As the digitisation deadline approaches, Australian government agencies face a range of information management challenges.

At Grace, we provide solutions designed to tackle these challenges. We rapidly convert paper archives into a variety of digital formats. These files are made available electronically within intuitive systems that can be precisely customised to your agency’s needs.

The Digital Continuity 2020 Policy is structured on three principles:

  1. Information is valued
  2. Information is managed digitally
  3. Information, systems and processes are interoperable

Agencies relying heavily on paper records must therefore convert data into digital formats. They also need to arrange sentencing and effective management processes for years of paper archives.

Interoperability for Agencies

In the digital era of information management, government agencies must have the ability to use new systems and interact with information resources in new formats. Datasets may also need to be aggregated with other information assets. This will allow agencies to achieve the goal of inter-agency sharing or interoperability.

Increasing data volumes and sharing this data is also an area of concern as government material risks being mishandled. At Grace, our solutions are created with the goal of helping government agencies optimise their information management. We do this in line with current data security guidelines, including the Protective Security Policy Framework, and future digitisation milestones. Let us help your agency achieve interoperability.

Strengthen Security and Privacy

Security and privacy issues can affect a government agency’s transition from paper-based to digital records management. However, the right software system, setup and management solution can prevent these security risks from becoming problems. Compliance with legislation requirements and the new Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme make it more important than ever that government agencies protect and secure their data.

Grace provide comprehensive information management services to ensure confidentiality at all times. Our fleet of company-owned vehicles is tracked and secured to guarantee complete security during transportation. While in storage, your archives are protected by state of the art alarm systems, 24/7 CCTV surveillance, fire suppression, and on-site security staff. Additionally, we provide electronic inventory and tracking services so you know where your files are at every stage of the process.

Our secure chain of custody spans the entire country. It includes client-anonymous indexing systems to ensure your confidentiality. We use innovative solutions which also allow for real-time tracking of your documents from anywhere in the world. Let us handle the secure destruction of documents, on schedule or on demand, under a strict authorisation process.

Promote Productivity and Flexibility

The limitations of paper-based records have the potential to hamper productivity. Speed of access and retrieval of information is something many government agencies are challenged by. This can result from either the efficiency of intra-agency personnel and systems, or the efficiency of inter-agency information transfer. Both lack of automation and accidental destruction of records are also to blame for inflexibility and inaccessibility of records.

Information asset sharing between agencies consequently delays access and hinders productivity. Therefore, Grace rapidly convert years of paper archives into a variety of digital formats. As a result, these files are made available electronically within intuitive systems that can be customised to agency needs. We are conscious of evolving legislation, so we set up retention and sentencing schedules. Therefore, we can ensure destruction occurs accordingly, when documents reach the end of their lifespan.

Tailored Information Management Solutions

Due to our more than 50 years in the business, we understand the unique information management needs of government agencies. So, we provide bespoke and comprehensive solutions that integrate seamlessly into your processes.

As an accredited information management company, we tailor our solutions to suit your agency’s digitisation, access and storage needs. While we maintain high levels of security, our solutions are also designed to promote efficiency in your information management. Therefore, you can trust we ensure your agency meets required legislation and policy goals.

Grace provide solutions for the full range of government sector requirements, from storage and indexing, to retrieval and destruction. As your information management partner, our expert consultants assess the precise needs of your agency. So, we can identify your specific information management challenges and design a tailored solution.

Achieve customisable cataloguing, indexing and sentencing solutions, scanning and digitisation, and fast and flexible retrieval of documents with Grace. Most importantly, we utilise a secure chain of custody.

Download our report, The Challenge of Change for more information and discover how better information management could benefit your agency.

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