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A digital suite of workflow systems designed to consolidate and manage your information and data.

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Dedicated Digital Information Management

Grace Digital Office (powered by ELO) is a digital solution tailored to suit your business or organisation’s information management needs. Based on the principle of providing information anywhere at any time, our form-based workflow system delivers secure and comprehensive access to sensitive information while maintaining full collaboration capabilities.

Grace Digital Office provides a coherent and centralised system for essential processes which allows you to manage your company’s information assets efficiently. Our digital solution brings common business processes into the digital age and automates records processes into a single system through the use of digital and ad-hoc workflows. We maintain the integration of our system into your own existing information management system to make the process seamless.

We Keep Security Front of Mind

Our team of dedicated consultants work to improve the security of your records. We manage your information as an asset and subject it to appropriate governance. Our approach to information management is reliable and accessible, ensuring your records are managed, preserved and protected through their entire lifecycle.

Grace Digital Office is user friendly and allows easy access for records and documents to be collaborated on by multiple staff across a number of locations and devices. With transparency in workflow, version controlled archiving of documents, and a simple search functionality, our system makes your information management more effective and secure.

We ensure you meet risk management compliance with continual measurable support of standard processes. Your security is guaranteed with:

  • controlled accessibility
  • impossibility of accidental deletion of documents
  • qualified digital signatures and adequate encryption
  • revision proof archiving
  • document sentencing
  • streamlined corporate governance

Our solution will keep your sensitive information confidential and provide processes with audit trails. We also provide effective document management with faster information delivery and processing, helping to lower the risks associated with compliance and retention periods.



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Digital Solutions for more Efficient Information Management

At Grace, we understand that quick and easy access to information is critical and that documents may need to be stored off-site but must still be accessed instantly, more than once, and across multiple locations. To facilitate this, we combine our secure document storage and digitisation services.

Our form-based workflow system allows you to manage the entire lifecycle of your records. Grace Digital Office provides tools and audit mechanisms that enhance the administrative processes for the company. Our system integrates with your existing business software and stores your records safely and securely, eliminating communication errors and the double handling of information.

Benefits of using our Digital Office

Benefit from a long term cost-effective solution that is designed to support your organisation’s transition to digital information management. Grace Digital Office (powered by ELO) reduces the costs associated with physically archiving records and provides faster access to critical information.

Start your company’s transition into digital information management and create your digital library for future rapid file retrievals with Grace.


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