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Tailored Destruction Services

The safe disposal of confidential corporate information is a critical part of any integrated management solution. Grace offer a range of destruction services to meet your specific needs.

Drawing on more than 50 years of experience, Grace can provide a bespoke service that ranges from destruction bin solutions in your office, to the collection and destruction of documents and products when needed. We can also provide secure document bags for one-off destruction projects or ongoing scheduled services.

At Grace, we have the solution you need to ensure your information’s security. As part of our stringent quality control processes, Grace provides certificates of destruction as a guarantee that your documents have been securely destroyed providing your company with peace of mind.

Our destruction services include:

  • Onsite shredding
  • Secure destruction
  • IT destruction
  • Media and hard drive destruction
  • Destruction bins
  • Recycling and environmental solutions
  • Uniform and clothing destruction

Our destruction services are tailored to incorporate industry specific requirements. Trust Grace for your information solutions, no matter what industry your business sits in.

Secure Destruction for Privacy

Today, failure to dispose of documents in an appropriate manner can expose your company to embarrassing and costly privacy and/or security breaches. We offer the secure and discreet destruction of documents and other sensitive material to meet your specific business needs.

In Australia, The Privacy Act 1988 regulates the handling of personal information about individuals. To help you adhere to the policy, we provide secure destruction solutions. Our archives are properly indexed to ensure your business maintains compliance with information management practices. Certificates of Destruction are issued upon request to clients to verify the completion of the destruction process.

A critical part of our integrated management solution is the safe disposal of confidential corporate information. Therefore, you can trust Grace for the safe and secure destruction of your documents.

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Comprehensive Destruction Services

Any sensitive materials can be destroyed by Grace to secure your privacy. All items that you have chosen to be destroyed are transported by our trained staff. All Grace staff undergo an Australian police check, ongoing annual reviews and essential training to ensure client information is protected to the highest level.

Our fully enclosed trucks are highly secure and feature locking mechanisms, GPS technology and anti-theft features. Every Grace vehicle across Australia is monitored by our online Fleet Management System, so we always know where your materials are.

All Grace drivers comply with heavy vehicle driver fatigue and speeding regulations. At Grace, we also incorporate best practices in Occupational Health and Safety, vehicle maintenance and Environmental Policy.

The destruction of your sensitive information always takes place in a government accredited secure facility.

In addition, Grace destruction services include:

  • Compliance with government guidelines and regulations including Guideline 3 – Destruction of Records
  • Compliance with relevant sections of AS-ISO 15489 (set) 2004
  • National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) member
  • Grace Information Management is an accredited member of the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation scheme (NHVAS) monitoring driver speed and fatigue
  • Comprehensive shredding services including secure shredding of sensitive materials such as media, clothing and documents
  • E-waste destruction and lockable bins
  • Sustainability and WRAPP reporting
  • Witnessed destruction

Therefore, when you need a reliable destruction service, you can count on Grace.


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