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Tailored Data Management Services

The effective and efficient management of data and information is one of the biggest struggles’ companies face. Finding systems, processes and technologies that best meet the needs of your entire organisation is no simple task.

Through a comprehensive consultation process, Grace specialists identify your company’s needs and develop a customised solution that will integrate with your current practices.

Digital Solutions

The ongoing push for paperless systems has resulted in numerous improvements in digital solutions across the data management market. The ideal system will seamlessly integrate with your existing organisational processes, allowing you to retrieve files using the same filing references.

Grace’s trained specialists will guide you through every step of the digitisation process, ensuring your filing processes translate effectively into the digital space. Our data centre also provides a secure, off-site repository for the storage and management of your data.

Transparent Reporting

The unique Grace reporting suite has been specially designed to provide a comprehensive dashboard to clients. Our reporting tools can efficiently monitor and manage information within a single series of dashboards, increasing transparency while allowing for complete data integration.

Displaying information on a sub-account level, the suite includes:

  • Holding reports
  • Retrieval reports
  • Monitoring for high activity records
  • Work Order reports
  • KPI reports
  • SLA reports
  • Client user reports
  • Invoice summaries and trend analysis
  • Detailed financial reports

Additionally, clients are able to view a company’s usage statistics and retention and retrieval rates to inform efficient benchmarking.

Information Management with Grace

Grace offers a range of services encompassing the digitisation, retrieval and ongoing security of your information, including:

  • Data entry and extraction
  • Data capture and validation
  • Electronic Data Management
  • Access to our all-inclusive reporting suite

When it comes to reliable management and reporting across a comprehensive list of information management services, you can trust Grace.


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