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Achieve your council’s compliance requirements with efficient digital records services.

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Grace Digital Office (powered by ELO) will help your council achieve its compliance requirements, supporting digital records management initiatives and managing the lifecycle of your records.

Based on the principle of providing information anywhere at any time, our form-based workflow system delivers secure and comprehensive access to sensitive information such as legislation, reporting, incident management and financial records. Our system maintains full collaboration capabilities so files and documents can be accessed by approved personnel across a number of locations and internationally on a number of devices.

Secure your council records

Grace Digital Office is a user-friendly system designed to assist your organisations in achieving their Risk Management Compliance. We will continually support your management with the measurable support of standard processes to help your council achieve long-term risk mitigation. We provide effective document management with faster information delivery and processing, helping to lower the risks associated with compliance and retention periods.

Grace Digital Office controls accessibility, makes accidental deletion of documents impossible, provides qualified digital signatures and adequate encryption, and revision proof archiving. Our digital office system also allows for document sentencing, international collaboration and better corporate governance.

Secure your archives by storing them with Grace and combine your documents in one easy to use system.

Benefits of going digital

State and public record acts allow the public to access documents such as building applications and development applications during an open access period. Storing your council’s records digitally makes turnaround times for accessing and processing documents more efficient and streamlined.

If your council is already using a record keeping system, Grace Digital Office will integrate seamlessly. Free up space and funds used to store paper-based archives and take advantage of our scalable and affordable digital solution.

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