Managing Information in the Construction Industry

Traditionally a paper-based industry, construction companies can benefit from intuitive digital information management solutions.

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Transitioning to Digital Information Management

Despite its practical importance in the construction industry, paper-based record keeping can create a series of costly problems. These include impractical filing systems, misplaced records and the subsequent need to source or re-create them.

The construction industry also deals with challenges that affect the ability of companies and contractors to access, share and store information. These challenges can have a serious negative effect on the efficiency of information workflows, thus affecting productivity.

Digitising your company’s information management creates a single source of truth. In return, this provides ease of access to records while on a worksite and allows updates in real time. While paper formats allow for in-person collaboration and project visualisation, they can also reduce the ability for work units to function independently. Digital information management allows approved personnel to access files at any time, from anywhere and collaborate accordingly.

Meeting Compliance with Information

Compliance issues arise regarding the storage of documents, both during projects and on a long-term basis. Fortunately, Grace’s information management solutions are tailored and designed to help your construction company maintain compliance. We optimise information management to tackle these challenges so you can focus on completing your daily tasks.

Digitising and Securing your Information

Despite its practical importance, paper can often create a series of costly organisational pitfalls. Using an external cloud-based system to store digital records and documents enhances information neutrality. Thus, work units can operate more independently, drawing data from a real-time system, rather than from disparate sources working on an information delay.

Not only does digitising records increase the speed of and streamline business workflows, it also prevents data loss. Sentencing schedules prevent the loss or accidental deletion of business-critical information and data. In addition, digital cloud-based information management solutions are protected by layers of security. Consequently, these security measures protect records from threats such as theft and deletion.

Effective storage and retrieval solutions also minimise the challenges of transitioning by being entirely customisable. This removes the need for any significant staff retraining, overall increasing business productivity.

Staying Compliant with Information Management

Construction is one of the most highly regulated industries. The Australian Building and Construction Commission has the power to impose severe penalties on non-compliant companies, and investigates even in the absence of any specific complaint.

In order to meet compliance and for digital information management to function effectively, indexing needs to be correct. The correct approach to indexing records reduces the risk of complicating document destruction dates. Most companies are aware of their retention obligations, however, they fail to commit to sentencing schedules because they don’t know what their archives contain. Save time and money on archiving your own records and invest in Grace. We’ll handle the secure management, archiving and storage needs of your company.

Better Managing your Information and Data

At Grace, we specialise in creating highly organised information environments that reduce or entirely eliminate traditional inefficiencies in the construction industry’s information management. To help worksites improve their information management, we audit in-house archives for content. Then, we directly index files, store them until they are needed, and physically or electronically deliver them on demand.

We can also help you assess if digitisation is likely to improve your efficiency. If so, we will digitise your physical records, indexing conventions for rapid, real-time retrieval through our intuitive systems. Our systems ensure the delivery of assets in any format, on any device. Our digital solutions can also help make information equally available to all the project participants you nominate.


So, trust Grace for connected, compliant and cost-effective information management.

Download our report, Bricks & Data, for more insight on the most serious information management problems that are likely to arise in the construction industry and how to overcome these challenges.

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