Information Management Security

Just because you’re taking some time off over the holiday season, doesn’t mean your security does. Maintain your information security even when you’ve checked out with these helpful tips.

Increase personal security

Be wary of your own personal security and log out of computers and systems when you’re away from them. Don’t forget to log out of anything work related on your phone to avoid accidental deletion of information or security breaches. Never keep leave any of your passwords written down either.

Tighten security before you leave

Is your security as tight as it can be? Make sure you’ve done all you can to protect your information before you leave the office. Increase and tighten the security that protects your physical information by locking all filing cabinets and doors before you leave. If your security is managed remotely, let the supplier know that the office and business will be empty and for how long.

Do you remember the last time your fire alarms were checked? Make sure they’re working well before the final day in the office to ensure the alarms and fire suppression systems are functioning properly.

Run any updates

Before you take off on holiday, make sure your security measures are up to date. Your security needs to be working up to scratch to be working effectively. When systems aren’t kept up to date, they risk crashing or freezing and leaving your valuable information exposed to breaches. Running any updates and ensuring they work before you take time away from the office is an efficient way to tighten your digital security.

Speak to IT

Speak to your IT team about the security of your company’s information and what can be done to tighten it during the holiday season. Your IT team will be able to inform you on any potential risks and how to avoid them. They will also be able to provide your employees with reminders on how to increase their personal security before they take their annual leave.

Outsource to Grace Information Management

Grace Information Management make your security and privacy a priority all year round. We combine a suite of professional archive, digital and destruction services to help protect your business integrity. Speak to us today about our secure storage facilities and integrated digital services and secure your information beyond the holiday season.