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It’s easy to consider outsourcing your information management to a third party, but do you know what an Information Manager actually does? The role is comprised of a number of responsibilities, all crucial to the seamless management of records and information.

What is information management?

Before we can define the role of an Information Manager, we must first define what information management entails. Information management refers to the planning, organising, structuring, processing, controlling and evaluation of all records and information activities for a business. These aspects are all required to allow companies and their business divisions that rely on that information to function effectively.

The role of an Information Manager

The role of an Information Manager therefore, is to oversee all of the information management activities listed above. The Information Manager acknowledges that the information is an asset to the business and must be managed effectively to allow for the business to run effectively.

Responsibilities of an Information Manager

The Information Manager is responsible for maintaining data quality. They must be aware of what documents and records are archived, in storage or needed most often to avoid duplicates and time wasted searching for information. This data needs to be processed efficiently and securely to aide business organisation and avoid legal issues such as data breaches.

Information Managers should also focus on consistently improving the organisation’s agility, to prevent business staff from spending valuable time on searching for records or data they require. Both data security and the cost-effectiveness of the information management strategy in place should always be improved as their results are variable and change often.

In the rapidly evolving digital world, Information Managers should also be aware of changes to security threats and adapt to them quickly. This will allow businesses to avoid legal issues as a result of data breaches or lost information.

With so many aspects involved in the role of an Information Manager, it’s easy to understand why many businesses outsource their information management to leading service providers in the industry. At Grace, we utilise a team of highly skilled and trained Information Management specialists to look after all aspects of records, data and information.