Information management efficiency for manufacturing

Efficient production requires a clear information workflow, and agile companies are more capable of optimising their operations, monitoring their compliance obligations and planning for future challenges.

Poor information management, however, can lower profitability while raising staff turnaround. Therefore, a multifaceted approach to improving data storage and access can help companies optimise their overall processes.

Information in real time

Access to accurate, real time inventory information is key to successful operations within manufacturing, as older information can be detrimental to decision making. Although these seem obvious, poor inventory management through a lack of efficient information access remains one of the industry’s biggest challenges.

From impractical filing systems, to misplaced records and haphazard archiving practices, production units suffer when there isn’t a single point of truth. When working across multiple sites, a lack of integrated information management means units can’t access real time information and work effectively in unison.

Effective information management does more than simply increase productivity and reduce miscommunication, it also supports regulatory and statutory compliance


Maintaining compliance

The management of compliance related documentation is vital for the manufacturing industry, as failing to do so can result in significant delays and financial losses. Whether it’s industry specific regulations or the Privacy Act 1988, it is important that our company complies with relevant legislation.

The adoption of digital systems not only resolves many shortfalls of paper records, such as access to real time information, it also introduces automation to your filing processes. This is especially useful for compliance and associated documents, as you can lower costs, limit errors and reduce risks of compliance violations.

Grace helps businesses remain compliant through the creation of tailored sentencing schedules, taking into account your company’s needs and wider industry specific legislation. Through automated document management, we prevent accidental file destruction and implement verification processes to better protect your data.

Our expert solutions ensure businesses much like yours comply with relevant legislation at a lower cost. Grace’s professional information management consultants carefully review and monitor your records to understand your unique retention requirements, reducing costs and wastage where we can.

Download our report, Fast & Flexible, for insights into improving your information management process in the manufacturing industry.
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