Information management solutions for the healthcare sector

Australia’s ageing population is putting new stresses on our healthcare industry and worrying about effective record management and optimising information workflows is hard to do in the face of a full waiting room. At the end of the day, modernising your information management system will only improve your ability to manage increasing caseloads and retain staff. While the industry often struggles to prioritise information management, Grace can offer solutions that will optimise your record keeping in line with confidentiality, accessibility and environmental concerns.

Protecting patient confidentiality and welfare

Patient welfare is the number one priority for healthcare organisations, and information management has a role to play. Confidentiality remains a priority for the health sector as keeping patient records safe and secure has both compliance and ethical repercussions. As the information age continues to boom, data privacy is no longer as simple as keeping records in a locked room. Vulnerabilities are created at all stages of the data lifecycle and breaches now come with greater ramifications.

As such, improved privacy and information security are vital in ensuring patients are protected from data misuse such as identify theft. An effective information management solution also protects your organisation from financial and reputational damages caused by data loss.


Ease and speed of access to patient information

Improved data security cannot come at the loss of timely access. Having relevant patient information readily available is critical to informed decision making and positive clinical outcomes. As experts in health information management, we understand that you need a system that is secure while also making hard and soft data available on demand. Whether optimising existing hard copy processes or integrating digital systems, Grace will develop a solution to reduce your risk while providing timely and easy access.

Grace effectively automate much of the document retrieval and management process, allowing your staff to focus on delivering positive patient outcomes. Our intuitive interfaces are customisable and responsive, with indexing that integrates seamlessly with your existing systems. Your digital data remains accessible and easily shared across a range of devices without increasing data breach risks.

Download our report, Healthy Data, for more information on how better information management can help healthcare providers maintain patient confidentiality.
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