GDO HR Recruitment

The GDO HR Recruiting business solutionpowered by ELO allows companies to digitise their candidate management processes.

The GDO digital candidate management solution powered by ELO provides transparent, efficient recruiting processes allowing you to simply and effectively report staffing requirements, accept applications, and conveniently store candidate information in your master HR system or GDO’s HR personnel file. The digital candidate platform also ensures you meet the latest data privacy requirements as set out in the Australian Data Privacy Act, with an automated delete functionality combined with a user-dependent permissions concept. 

Streamlined and effective recruiting processes

GDO HR Recruitment management software from ELO simplifies the entire recruiting process. From posting a new job to hiring or turning down applicants – the solution ensures end-to-end transparency.

Optimised recruitment

GDO HR Recruitment allows you to capture incoming applications digitally and manage all data in a central candidate file. Candidate data is archived, structured, and organised, meaning data only has to be entered once and duplicate applications can easily identified through an ID system.

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