GDO Invoice Management

Accelerate invoice processing with GDO Invoice Management

GDO powered by ELO provides all the benefits of a state-of-the-art invoice processing solution to your company. The software puts an end to tedious manual processing of incoming invoices. From invoice receipt to payment release across departments or even locations – for smooth digital, automated accounting processes. Increase the efficiency of your invoice management process significantly with GDO Invoice Management powered by ELO.

GDO Invoice Management recognises all file formats and extracts important information relevant for the invoice receipt process. Companies using ERP systems or DATEV invoicing solutions can also benefit from GDO Invoice Management. Third-party systems are easily integrated and able to take advantage of convenient document filing in ELO. The days of searching for information, manual data processing, and high archiving costs are over.

Digitising invoices has never been easier

The benefits of digital invoice processing with GDO Invoice Management, powered by ELO:

GDO Invoice Management core functionality

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