Information Management in the legal industry

The ability to provide tailored, flexible services for clients is becoming increasingly important across all industry sectors. Information management solutions play a big role in helping businesses maintain this flexibility, which is crucial for both attracting customers and retaining good staff.

Flexible working arrangements

An information management strategy can make a significant impact in this area. When information assets are hard to find or exclusively paper-based, the ability of staff to move freely about and access data from locations of their choice is severely limited. The ultimate benefit of making information assets as easily accessible externally as they are in the office is that employees will enjoy better work-life balance and be more likely to stay with a company for the long term.

Flexible job roles

The more efficiently and broadly that information is disseminated, the more effectively that employees can take up slack in areas beyond their normal responsibilities. Flexible employees are willing to do whatever is necessary to get the task accomplished or the job done. The right information management strategy is essential for ensuring employees are as flexible as possible in their roles.

Customer service flexibility

Client expectations of flexibility come in many forms. For example, modern customers expect that businesses will provide multiple channels for communication, that services will be available across a wide variety of platforms and outside of regular business hours, and that media will be shared in compatible formats. A solid paper-based or ICT information management system provides the internal dexterity required in order to meet the external flexibility requirements. Multiple users can access the same documents at once, increasing the speed with which client information can be processed and the ease of collaboration by different client points of contact.

Grace Information Management

Grace are capable of fully supporting businesses with a range of complementary solutions designed to enhance flexibility. We enhance workforce flexibility through digitisation, making an organisation’s existing archives available to employees remotely without compromising on security. For any archived paper documents that need to be accessed in a hurry, we provide a scan-on-demand service, allowing staff to request virtually any document from anywhere in the world and have it delivered in under three hours.