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Top 10 information management tips for developing your records governance approach


  1. Preserve–make sure you preserve the right information, for the right length of time.


  1. Requirements– plan to meet legal requirements quickly and cost effectively.


  1. Plan– plan in advance for the destruction of information both within your business and once your records have been placed into storage.


  1. Consistent– be consistent across your business in your method of records management.


  1. Archive– archive business critical information for the purposes of disaster recovery and business continuity.


  1. Clear– be clear in your processes for when information is required urgently.


  1. Technology– integrate technology to manage your information.


  1. Integrate– have your information management processes integrated into your businesses overall policies and procedures.


  1. Training– your businesses information management processes should be part of your staff induction and training programs.


  1. Review– review and update your program regularly to ensure you continue to meet current and future business needs.