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When selling your house, it’s important to create the right impression and put your best foot forward to impress any potential buyers. However, in-between open homes, life goes on and living like a gypsy can start to get old, especially if you’ve got kids to keep entertained. If there’s one thing we know a lot about, it’s moving and storing. Our relocations team have put together their three top tips to keep your house looking great and your sanity intact.

Clutter control

When it comes to real estate, first impressions count. Your first open home is like a first date, so you’ll want to dress to impress and make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. Before the ‘for sale’ sign goes up, you’ll definitely want to spend a little time going through your home and clearing through the clutter. You want your prospective buyer to feel at home, so clear the way for someone else to imagine what their life will look like in your space. Slimming down your stuff has other advantages, specifically when it comes to packing and storing. If you’ve got kids, you might have a little more work on your hands. As kids are creatures of habit, be sure have a selection of special toys on-hand. This go-to collection will come in handy and make everyone feel at ease during limbo.  

The right balance

Giving your home a personal touch can help potential buyers feel more comfortable and can make the aesthetic feel less staged. There is a fine line between making people feel at home or like they’re in your home. Scale back your personal mementos. If you overwhelm buyers with your personal style, it can make the space seem uninviting. A good place to start is by taking everything down, giving it a good clean and curating a cohesive sense of style. As sentimental as your snowglobe or coaster collection is, it’s probably not going to win the hearts and cheque books of buyers. If you’ve got keepsakes you can’t part with, keep them with you in a separate well-marked box, and pack and store the excess using our Load4U service.  

Packing pets

When it comes to open homes, sadly, pets often don’t get the memo about not putting muddy paws on your clean, white couch. Pets and open homes are a double-edged sword; pet owners will want to know that the house can accommodate furry family members, but they can also be turned off by telltale signs of wear and tear. Like children, pets are driven by routine and familiarity, so keep this in mind when you’re culling their chew toy collection. Change can be disorienting for both two and four-legged friends. So, where possible, try and stick to your regular routine and keep any special toys or blankets handy. Invest in an aesthetically pleasing storage box for all things pet-related, sure, the trusty laundry basket might be practical but it definitely doesn’t help spruik the lifestyle factor. Preparing your home for sale doesn’t have to feel like you’re stripping the heart and soul from your home. It’s a great opportunity to breathe fresh life into your space, get a head start at tackling the clutter, and create an inviting space that woos potential buyers. Slimming down your stuff before your house hits the market can also make the big move less stressful. Talk to our self storage team about ways we can help you get your home sale-ready.