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With border control and customs becoming increasingly more stringent, keeping on top of quarantine can be challenging.

Every country has a different set of rules and regulations and what may seem like an innocent souvenir could cause you some serious delays. Part of offering a truly global services is understanding the nuances of your destination in order to make your international move a stress free experience. Our International Relocation Team can take care of your quarantine queries, making sure we send you and your items off safely and securely.


Pack to avoid delays

There’s a lot think about when moving to a foreign country. In between sorting out where you’ll live and the anticipation of the big move, quarantine is an often forgotten. What might seem like a completely harmless object to you, might hold up your entire shipment. Accurate advice can be the make or break when it comes to quarantine, so don’t risk it – talk to our specialist international removals team about what you can and can’t take. At the time of packing, we’ll help you put together a detailed inventory and label each box clearly so if your items do get randomly inspected, quarantine will be able to look through your items without too much fuss. With representatives in over 120 countries, we’re always on top of local laws when it comes to quarantine.


Tracking your items

If your items are travelling by sea, there may be a delay between your arriving and the delivery of your seafaring items. People often find being reunited with familiar and sentimental items comforting and we understand that waiting for your items can feel like an eternity. To help you plan for the arrival and to put your mind at ease, the Grace International Relocations Team will provide you with tracking and status reports throughout your move. If your items are held up for a routine inspection, we’ll let you know so you can work around the delays. We’ll keep track of where your items are and when you can expect our friendly global partners to ring the doorbell in your new home.