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Simply capturing and storing information can be a waste of time and money if that information is not treated – read ‘used’ – as an asset, according to an article on technology website

“Traditionally, information was deployed for a transaction, then mentally discarded; today, information management is becoming the competitive edge for businesses in creating products, understanding customers, making buying decisions and a laundry list of action items,” said the author.

The article forms part of the website’s coverage of the recent Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) conference, which took place from 1 to 3 April in Florida, in the United States.

During the conference, information management professionals from around the globe reportedly agreed that information management needs to ‘get smarter’.

“Companies have realised that it’s no longer enough to amass, manage, archive and destroy information. They now have to analyse it for trends, insight and direction on day-to-day business decisions,” said the author.

Of course, not all companies manage their information in-house. At Grace Information Management (GIM), we provide an integrated solution to digitise documents from any medium, for customers in a wide range of industries.

We offer preparation, scanning, indexing and finishing, along with storage, retrieval and destruction services, providing holistic solutions that manage your information throughout its entire lifecycle.

Most importantly, we make our customers’ information easily-accessible to them, on demand, from any location and at any time. In fact, many of our customers are already accessing and using the data they store with us to make important business decisions and increase their productivity.

So why not save time and costs by outsourcing your information management to us? Once you have crossed that action item off your list, you will freed-up to figure out how you can make the most of your easily-accessible data to boost your competitive edge.