styling your home

As home makeover shows like House Rules and The Block continue to rise in popularity, audiences are becoming more aware of their own surroundings and making judgements about whether or not they measure up.

With all manner of lifestyle programs streaming nightly in to our lounge rooms, there is no denying household renovations are ‘hot right now’ – and many Australians are becoming obsessed with creating the ideal home.

‘Could a nip here and a tuck there transform our living quarters in to the effortlessly cool-looking interiors we see on our TV screens?’ we ask ourselves. Of course, we know full-well that achieving this level of renovation perfection is anything but ‘effortless’.

However, as any slave-to-fashion will attest, appearing as though you haven’t made an effort makes all the effort you have made so much more worthwhile; remember all those times you apologised to your guests for ‘all the mess’, even though you spent hours cleaning up before they arrived?

Well, what if appearing effortless really was… effortless? Believe it or not, it can be with Grace Self Storage (GSS).

GSS offers secure, convenient mobile self storage Shells, suitable for storing a variety of different household items, including furniture, clothing, files, bicycles, and much more.

Storing your belongings with us is simple: we deliver our mobile self storage module to your home, you pack it (or we can pack it for you), you lock it up and we transport it back to our warehouse for safe-keeping until you decide you need to access it.

After you have freed your home of all those unnecessary items (read: clutter), it will be as ‘breezy’, ‘light-filled’ and ‘minimalist chic’ as the homes on reality television – only you have managed to do it without the tears, without the harsh judgement calls, and without doing any actual renovations.

One could say, it was ‘effortless’.