Grace teams with Vinnies

Having noticed a lot of good quality items being thrown onto rubbish piles, Grace Removals and The St Vincent de Paul Society have teamed up to rehouse these unwanted items and help Australians in need.

Move house, make a difference

200x200 image 2Moving house is one of the few times you are forced to sort through every inch of your home and it can be amazing what you find, plus what you no longer require. This is where the Grace Removals and The St Vincent de Paul Society (Vinnies) initiative kicks into play. When packing up your home for your forthcoming Grace Removals relocation, simply pack any good quality items that you no longer require into the ‘move house, make a difference’ carton and Grace Removals will deliver to Vinnies on your behalf. Vinnies are then able to sell items in their stores, raising much needed funds to support societies most vulnerable across a wide range of national programs.


The St Vincent de Paul Society

lhs-featurette-01The St Vincent de Paul Society has been supporting Australians who are living in poverty and experiencing disadvantage for over 160 years. The charity operates more than 650 Vinnies shops nationally selling pre-loved, donated goods. Money generated through the shops is vital to funding St Vincent de Paul Society’s many national programs, including:

✓ Operating homeless services

✓ Employment and financial support services

✓ Friendship programs for those living with mental illness

✓ Youth services

✓ Refugee assistance and resettling programs


How to donate

200x200 image 1Donating is an easy three step process and Grace Removals are here to assist you with any questions. This initiative is currently being trialled in New South Wales and Victoria, and with intentions to roll out nationwide in the near future.

  1. Request Vinnies charity carton/s as part of your Grace Removals move
  2. In most cases Grace will deliver the Vinnies cartons prior to your move and you pack the cartons
  3. Grace will collect the cartons and deliver, on your behalf, to your local Vinnies shop

For more information read the NSW Vinnies flyer or VIC Vinnies flyer