Moving with pets

Do as Johnny Depp says, not as Johnny Depp does.

Pet quarantine has been a topic of discussion when it comes to travelling and relocating overseas with cats and dogs since American actor Johnny Depp was caught smuggling his two pet pooches into Australian borders illegally. The scandal also raised a number of questions around the importance of quarantine when it comes to crossing international borders. So, how do you go about transporting your pet internationally?

Why does pet quarantine exist?

Quarantine exists for a number of reasons and is not limited to just pets and domestic animals. Quarantine laws and regulations are put in place to protect a country’s native environment and agricultural industries from harmful pests and diseases. Strict conditions are put in place around pets who may carry diseases and pests that are a biosecurity risk to the country or region.

Every country is different

The quarantine laws that apply to your pet depend on the country you are travelling to. It’s important to check with the local authorities in that country before bringing your pet along with you. Many countries will also keep your pet in quarantine for a number of days, for example, Australia’s quarantine period is ten days. Often, government websites will outline their policies and regulations surrounding pet importation. It’s always best to start planning your pet travel well in advance to ensure your pet isn’t left behind.

Veterinary check

Your pet will require a veterinary check before it boards a plane to a new country to ensure its health and safety. Your vet will also need to supply you with a health report which authorities need to determine whether your pet is a risk to their environment or not.

Paper work

For most countries, you will need to gather and supply paper work regarding your pet’s health condition and a permit. Countries also impose penalties for failure to comply with their strict quarantine regulations.

Ask for help

Never try to avoid the hard questions and be informed on a country’s quarantine policies to keep you and your pet out of trouble. When moving with Grace, your dedicated moving consultant will handle the pet relocation for you, from flight bookings to pre-travel veterinary checks and vaccinations, ensuring you and your pet can start enjoying your new home sooner. For more information on the professional pet relocation services we offer, click here.