Archive box destruction

Information technology and data continue to advance and change, and it’s only fair that so too does your approach to digital information management. Break the bad habits this year and start securing your information and records.

Here are the most common digital information management habits businesses get caught out with:

Lack of security

Since the newly introduced Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme, security of sensitive and personal information has been of utmost importance for Australian businesses. Under the new scheme, businesses now have a legal obligation to inform individuals and the Australian Information Commissioner when personal information has been involved in a data breach. The lack of appropriate security can leave business records exposed to serious risk.

Lack of organisation

The digitisation of records has helped businesses save time by reducing the number of information silos they need to search through to find the correct file. However, if the information is not organised into a storage system that is easy to manage and access for everyone involved, that won’t be the case.

Lack of updated technology

Technology is constantly evolving to adapt to security changes and threats. Having updated technology can help businesses avoid security risks or data breaches. Not only is it a security risk to not update your information management software, but you can also increase your time management with many systems now offering document management, digital asset management, collaboration, learning content management systems and more.

Ignoring information management challenges

Information management challenges will crop up throughout the course of your record’s lifespan. These challenges can include larger issues such as having no clear strategic direction for the overall technology environment, to smaller issues such as the duplication of records and lack of consistency in their storage. These challenges will only grow and worsen with time if they are ignored. Tackle the issues head-on as soon as they arise to avoid future complications.

Not exploring other options

Not all businesses are equipped to handle their information management needs. Setting up a digital solution requires time to ensure it is done correctly. For many businesses, the easiest and most cost-effective solution is to outsource the management of their information.

Grace offer integrated information services to manage and store your company’s digital and hard copy records and data. Break the bad habits and contact Grace for your information management solutions today.