GWS Giants

Grace is pleased to announce that we have formed a partnership agreement with AFLW’s GWS Giants team for 2018.

The alliance with GWS Giants AFLW team is part of the Grace Gives corporate social responsibility initiative.

The AFLW Giants look incredibly competitive this season thanks to their 14 new female recruits and new coach, AFL great, Alan McConnell. Al took to the stage at this week’s season launch to tell fans, members and corporate sponsors how excited he was to be heading the women’s team this year.

“It’s an amazing privilege to work with these incredible and diverse women,” he said.

He also confirmed the team is in great shape and has a real chance at dominating the season. With several seasoned players from Victorian clubs joining this year’s line-up, the team now has a good range of on-field knowledge to add to their skills set.

The latest changes to the rule book

The last touch rule:

  • This rule will see a free kick paid against the last player to touch the ball before it crosses the boundary line. However, if an opposition player chooses to shepherd the ball over the line, rather than pick it up in the field of play, the ball will be thrown in.
  • There will also be a throw in if the umpires are in any doubt.
  • The rule was introduced with the aim of decreasing congestion and stoppages, while increasing scoring.

Additional Time:

  • Games will run slightly longer than last year, with time-on added during the last two minutes of each 15-minute quarter

Team Numbers:

  • There will no longer be a “22” picked, rather a team of 21 will be selected.
  • This change means there will be five players on the bench, rather than six. The number of players on the field (16) will remain the same.

For the season game times and locations check out the GWS Giants Women’s Fixtures.

As part of the partnership, Grace will be relocating 28 players from the women’s and men’s GWS Giants teams so they can stress less about moving house and focus on bringing their best footy to the field.

Good luck Giants!