Information Management Security

Data security is a process of solutions, working together to keep information safe from breaches. It’s a network of solutions that protects data more powerfully than a single solution on its own. Here are some of the ways you as an individual and as a company can safeguard your data and guarantee its safety.

Strong passwords

One of the easiest ways to protect your data is to implement strong passwords for login details. Use a combination of capital and lower-case letters, numbers and symbols and make it eight to 12 characters long. Also, avoid using personal data (such as your birth date), common words and sequences of characters or numbers. To ensure your passwords remain strong, you should change them every three months or so.

Limit access

When working in a business with multiple employees located all over the world, it can be difficult to track where information and data is and where it’s going. To guarantee its security, limit the access granted to your company’s data. Only grant access to those who need it and only allow them access to what they actually need in order to function in their day-to-day roles.

Update your programs

As the digital environment continues evolving, so too does the need to update your security measures. Outdated programs pose risks to your data as they may become easier for hackers to break down firewalls. Doing this helps to keep your data protected from the latest issues or holes within the system.

Backup regularly

Scheduling regular backups to an external hard drive, or in the cloud, is another easy way to ensure that all your data is stored safely. If you don’t have the space or the capacity to do this, hire a professional company like Grace Information Management who can take care of the work for you and store your data in a secure location offsite. Having your data backed up so you don’t completely lose it is one of the easiest ways to guarantee data security.

Monitor your data

Be on the lookout for breaches or potential dangers that may pose a threat to your data. There’s no point in implementing programs and strategies to protect and safeguard your company’s information if you’re not monitoring for efficiencies. Monitoring your data can also help you cut costs and time in the future.

Trust Grace Information Management

At Grace, data is everything, and our top priority is ensuring your information’s security and safety. We combine a range of bespoke information management solutions to provide a tailored service to your business. We’ll consistently monitor your information to meet today’s compliance regulations and integrate our solutions with yours to make the switch easier for your entire staff base. Ready to outsource your archive, digital and destruction needs? Get in touch with your local Grace Information Management branch today.