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Granny flats have seen a resurgence in recent years and there are plenty of reasons why. According to The Department of Planning’s Local Development Performance Monitoring report the number of granny flats approved across NSW following changes to the secondary dwelling law in 2009 rose from 487 in 2010-11 to 858 last year. Yet it’s not only the change in laws that can be attributed to this phenomenal rise. With Sydney’s rising property prices more and more people are discovering the benefits of a smaller abode.


For the elderly, a granny flat means self-sufficiency and security. Many don’t want to move to a nursing home and lose their independence but at the same time they need to be looked after so living in a granny flat at the home of their children is the perfect solution. According to social researcher, Mark McCrindle, 2014 is the year of the downsizing for baby boomers and older Australians. “As property prices boom, older Australians are taking advantage of the market and selling their homes for something smaller, opting for a simpler life and a healthier bank balance,” says McCrindle.

Young Families

But it’s not just older Australians who benefit from this arrangement. Many of today’s young families require two incomes to pay a mortgage so having an extra pair of hands, by way of grandparents, to help with school runs and holiday care is an attractive solution. Similarly, people who work long hours benefit from a live in pet-sitter and someone extra at home to keep an eye on things.

Teenagers and Young Adults

The granny flat is also perfect for teenagers and young adults who can’t yet afford to get into the property market. It provides independence while they save for a home loan or finish their studies.


For renovators, a granny flat can be a haven while builders tear things apart, says Rebecca Huntley, Columnist for BRW. Then when the renovations are complete, the granny flat provides a handy spare room. “Today’s granny flat is tomorrow’s home office, hobby hut, guest room, rental accommodation for local students or parental retreat,” says Huntley.

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