Grace Information Management Blog

Grace Records Management has now expanded its services into Western Australia’s third largest city – Bunbury.

Having recently acquired an existing records management business, Grace Records Management is revolutionising the way local businesses archive and manage their vital records.

The Bunbury storage facility has the capacity to hold approximately 30,000 cartons of records, all of which were previously handled manually, using limited technology, i.e. multiple handwritten pieces of paper were entered into a variety of databases, across a number of non-networked computers. With consideration given to reconfiguration of the warehouse shortly, Grace will be able to hold approximate 16,000 additional cartons. In addition, the property has the footprint to expand the current warehouse to an even bigger facility.

With Grace taking the helm, existing and new clients will benefit from Grace’s state of the art records management system. Grace uses a unique computerised barcode system to define, index and track all records so we know the location of every item at all times. Grace’s records system is fully computerised, with the cartons unique barcodes integrating with our records management software. For Bunbury clients, this means greater accuracy and time efficiencies.

Another major benefit for our Bunbury client’s site is that secure destruction is performed on-site. The secure paper materials are sorted, shredded and on-sold as recycled stationary products. From the paper destruction sort, Grace is able to recycle and on sell various unwanted office supply items.

The Bunbury branch also features six self-storage units and a large training room for hire to local business and training companies.

Julie Winton-Monet is Grace Records Management Bunbury Manager; Julie was recently relocated from GRM Tasmania. We know Julie is extremely excited with the challenge and is eager to bring to the local community Grace Records Management skills and forte.

Julie is confident she and her team will be a major asset to Grace and the Bunbury community.