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Unpacking after a big move is can be time consuming and tiring, particularly if you’ve just shifted overseas on a long international flight with stopovers along the way.
When you close the front door behind you in your new home, you probably want to spend time helping the kids settle in or catching up with friends. An international move can be testing at the best of times, so when you finally lay your hat in your new place, it’s nice to have a helping hand. Introducing Grace Valet.


At Your Service

Grace Valet is your at-home service that’s set on supporting you in minimising disruptions during your relocation. Our assistants can help you with jobs that seem bigger than Ben Hur or are just too much to manage. We can take time-consuming tasks off your hands such as making the bed, unpacking items and arranging them into cupboards, neatly hanging and arranging clothes or setting up your new kitchen. The decision’s in your hands – our Valets can take on your tasks and get them done within your timeframe. Meanwhile, you’re free to explore your new hood and help your family with their transition to your new home.


Settling In With Grace

Life is always a hive of activity and consistently busy at the best of times. There’s always so much to do, let alone finding time to deal with the logistics of an international move. Grace offers a considered range of resources to help you settle into your new place and begin exploring what needs to be done. We offer a Visa and Immigration service run by our international relocation team which can help guide you through the necessary red tape when moving overseas. Our destination consultants can assist you with finding sensational schools and institutions that fit your bill and support you through the admission and registration process. We also have a comprehensive resource of materials available for international movers which you can access here.

Moving overseas can be exciting and fun. Whether you’re relocating for a work opportunity, to be closer to family or you’re just up for a new adventure – contact a Grace consultant to get the ball rolling and help make the transition as smooth as possible.