Grace partners with Vinnies

Grace partners with Vinnies

Move house, make a difference

Having noticed a lot of good quality items being thrown onto rubbish piles, Grace and The St Vincent de Paul Society have teamed up to rehouse unwanted items and help Australians in need.

Moving house is one of the few times you are forced to sort through every inch of your home and it can be amazing what you find and no longer require. This is where the Grace and The St Vincent de Paul Society (Vinnies) initiative kicks into play.

When packing up your home for your forthcoming move with Grace, simply pack any good quality items that you no longer require into the ‘move house, make a difference’ carton and Grace will deliver it to Vinnies on your behalf. Vinnies are then able to sell items in their stores, raising much needed funds to support societies most vulnerable across a wide range of national programs.

Hire a removalist who cares about the local community and give back with Vinnies.

Grace partners with Vinnies

Snapshot of Grace and Vinnies

We’ve been working with Vinnies nationally since 2017 to help raise funds for those in need. Australians who have moved house with Grace have helped us reach the following milestones:

  • 2,948 cartons donated nationally in 2019
  • A total of 1547 Vinnies cartons donated by NSW
  • A total of 5,586 cartons donated nationally since 2017

The St Vincent de Paul Society

The St Vincent de Paul Society has been supporting Australians who are living in poverty and experiencing disadvantage for over 160 years. Vinnies Australia has more than 600,000 members and volunteers who work hard to assist people in need and combat social injustice across the country. Internationally, Vinnies operates in 140 countries. The charity operates more than 650 Vinnies shops nationally, each one selling pre-loved, donated goods. The money generated through the shops is vital to funding St Vincent de Paul Society’s numerous national programs which include:
  • Operating homeless services
  • Employment and financial support services
  • Friendship programs for those living with mental illness
  • Youth services
  • Refugee assistance and resettling programs
Vinnies are committed to speaking out against the causes of poverty and inequality on behalf of the people they help. The people Vinnies serve come from a range of backgrounds, each requiring different services and help in different forms. Vinnies helps many Australians in need, including low income support, housing and homelessness, refugee and migrants, health matters, Indigenous Australians and children and their education. To find help, visit the Vinnies website here.

How to donate

Donating your unwanted goods to Vinnies is an easy three step process with Grace.

  1. Simply request Vinnies charity carton/s as part of your Grace move. Grace will deliver the Vinnies cartons prior to your move day.
  2. Pack the ‘move house, make a difference’ carton/s with your unwanted household goods and seal them.
  3. Grace will collect the cartons and deliver them, on your behalf, to your local Vinnies shop.
  4. Unfortunately, Grace cannot accept donated furniture, however, you can call Vinnies to collect it for you. To arrange furniture evaluation and pickup through Vinnies, call 1800 621 349 or email

For more information on how to donate to Vinnies and make a difference, download the brochure here.

For more information on how else you can help to make a difference to Australians in need with Vinnies, visit

What can you donate

Your generous good quality donation will find a new life in a new home, support Australians doing it tough and reduce landfill.

Donations we cannot accept

We are unable to accept items that are soiled, damaged or broken as there is a cost involved to dispose of these items, and that takes money away from us trying to help Australians in need.
  • Baby items that do not confirm with Australian standards
  • Broken items or appliances that no longer work
  • Any electrical items
Please note that we can only collect items that fit into a box. If you would like to donate larger items, you can find the contact details of your local Vinnies at to facilitate pick up of your donated furniture. At Grace, we also recognise that our local communities have helped us grow over the years, so each year Grace undertakes our Grace Gives initiatives to support and maintain that community connection throughout Australia and New Zealand. For more information on our initiative and Grace Gives grants, visit our Grace in the Community page.
Grace partners with Vinnies
Grace partners with Vinnies

Sponsoring the Vinnies Community Sleepout

In 2018, Grace was a proud sponsor of the first ever Vinnies Community Sleepout in NSW, where we provided a total of 600 moving boxes for the community member to sleep on across four fundraising events. More than 105,000 Australians sleep rough each night of the year. The Vinnies Community Sleepout aims not only to help raise much needed funds for services and programs that support the community, but to also raise awareness of homelessness in Australia. In 2019, Grace has increased our commitment and is proud to be the national sponsor for the second Vinnies Community Sleepout. Grace will provide close to 1000 boxes across 7 locations : New South Wales Queensland These boxes will provide bedding and shelter for volunteers for the night, as they brave the cold for a great cause. For more information on the Grace and Vinnies partnership, click here.
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