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Want to know how much will it cost including tax, cost of living allowances, housing, hardship allowance and all benefits to send an employee to China, the UK or anywhere else in the world? Ask Grace Mobility.

Grace Mobility has recently become the preferred Australian partner of AIRINC, one of the major suppliers of mobility data in the world.

As part of this partnership, Grace can now incorporate AIRINC’s products into our mobility programs, providing you with more information to make decisions. The AIRINC products include:

  • Assignment cost estimates
  • Per diem calculators
  • Balance sheet manager
  • Calculations for permanent transfers
  • International housing
  • International tax guide
  • Destination reports
  • Policy benchmarking
  • Goods and services/ cost of living calculations
  • Housing and automotive allowances

Alongside the partnership arrangement, and in conjunction with The Employee Mobility Institute, we are developing a co-sponsored mobility survey that will allow us to tap into AIRINCs worldwide survey data and add an Australian component. This will be of great benefit to Australian companies investing in mobility programs.