To contain the rate of infection and spread of the novel coronavirus, many Australian states have closed their borders to non-essential travel. COVID-19 border control requirements are different state to state, however a restriction that will affect interstate travellers is the necessity to enter a self-isolation period of 14 days. In the case of an interstate migration, this period is very likely to affect attendance at points where face-to-face contact and direction are essential. For example, directing the packing and unpacking of belongings, granting access to properties and initiating school searches or local area orientation. In the case of an interstate move where these are essential, Grace Mobility has been actively seeking a solution to ease the moving stress on our customers during this difficult and uncertain time.  

Whilst many moves have been impacted by the emergency measures, Grace Mobility continues to deliver innovative solutions to aid moving Australians at this time. Whether you are an individual that has engaged Grace Mobility to assist your big move, or a corporate client looking after the transfer of your team, our Customer Advocacy Service will aid to ensure that the move is not halted.  

Our solution will allow moving functions to proceed with a local advocate that will step in on your behalf to perform all functions where otherwise face-to-face contact would have been required. Whilst in self-isolation or looking at other quarantine measures, you are not alone. Grace Mobility Customer Advocacy Service will offer much needed peace of mind. 

The importance of advocacy 

At Grace Mobility, our promise is to be your single point of contact and ensure the smooth transition of all-encompassing moving functions and more. Ordinarily, we work closely with our customers to ensure this transition. Where a customer is affected by quarantine or self-isolation, the flow of operation risks being severely disrupted. To address this hurdle, our Customer Advocates are ready to lend a hand. 

Grace Mobility has existing relationships with professional relocation consultants and representatives across the country, all capital city locations, regional centres and some remote locationsGrace Mobility will engage these professionals to represent the customer when they cannot be present. These representatives are not new to Grace, we engage them regularly to conduct services such as home search, school search, orientation and other relocation services for our corporate clients. What this means is that we can assure you that our consultants are well trusted and capable of handling complex moves on your behalf.  

The help we provide 

Grace Mobility customer advocates will handle all aspects of onsite operation that would have previously been left to you. Your Customer Advocate can: 

  • Attend on-site from start to finish during pre-pack, uplift or delivery 
  • Provide access to your property and supervision to the pack and removals team 
  • Deliver clear direction to the pack and removals team for furniture placement, items not-going, special items, etc 
  • Check off inventory and sign on your behalf 
  • Keep in constant communication with you while these are happening to ensure clear direction is being followed 

Your customer advocate is empowered by you to act on your behalfcan assist with any aspect of the removals process as directed, and will communicate closely with you to ensure that their service inspires confidence, and adds to your peace of mind.  

To find out more about Grace Mobility, please click hereShould you require an advocate to assist you with your interstate move at this time, please feel free to contact our team on 1300 723 844 to discuss how we can help.