Grace Information Management Blog

As Australia’s largest city and commercial centre, the demands for records management services in Sydney are immense.

With tens of thousands of businesses across the Sydney metropolitan area, the task of providing services where and when they are required demands detailed logistics planning; a dedicated team with a professional and client-centric approach, and facilities that are second to none.

Our Sydney Branch is a showcase of our commitment to the records management industry, and a facility that we are very proud to have a purpose built to support our client’s requirements. Spread across two buildings, housing over 3 million cartons, with capacity for many more, our Sydney Branch, like all of our sites around Australia, is a reflection of our long-term vision as information managers.
Our Sydney site regularly welcomes clients as well as tertiary students studying information governance as visitors, who are consistently surprised by the scale of our facilities and the efficient way we operate within them.
Sydney based clients who would like to organise a guided visit to our facility, and to discuss our services are welcome to do so by contacting our Sydney Branch Team on 02 4645 8000.