Every year Grace demonstrates its commitment, support and appreciation for our Australian and New Zealand communities by giving back to those who need it most. Grace Gives is an initiative which has been running for 3 years and our network continues to grow year on year, granting more gifts and raising more awareness for great Australian causes.

It’s an absolute pleasure to announce the 2019 Grace Gives recipients:


Australian Dysphonia Network

Despite 30% of people experiencing voice disorders (dysphonia) and voice loss at some point in their lifetime (many chronic and life changing) there’s limited awareness around the conditions, often causing them to go under diagnosed. The Australian Dysphonia Network is working towards giving the voiceless a voice by developing professional training packages for Speech Pathologists and Medical Students.

Firstchance Inc.

When parents first find out their baby or toddler has a disability it’s an isolating time which requires thoughtful navigation to get through. Firstchance Inc. supports the Little Ones program, an early intervention group which is paramount to supporting families as they deal with the pressure to learn about their child’s disability at an incredibly intense time in their lives.

Girl Guides Queensland

Girl Guides Queensland provides a safe and supportive environment to 5000 youths across the state and in 2019 it’s celebrating its centenary year with a state-wide, action-packed camp. However, the significant devastation in communities across Queensland has put financial strain on families, meaning many girls and young women will not be able to attend. Girl Guides Queensland is doing everything it can to change that.

Abacus Learning Centre

Autism Spectrum Disorder affects up to 1 in 110 people of school age, making early intervention programs  for children paramount in supporting and managing the disorder. Abacus Learning Centre uses fundraising, grants and donations to cover the associated costs which is especially significant for families who do not have access to funding options.

Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Queensland

The GOALS retreats are part of a disability program providing life-changing experiences for adults with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. The four-day and three-night intensive workshop focuses on personal development, helping individuals make sense of the difficulties living with the disabilities. Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Queensland runs these supportive programs using the efforts from fundraising.

New Zealand


A youth development agency motivating rangitahi (youths) to fulfil their potential: Challenge2000 is a community-based charity that creates personal-growth experiences. There’s a particular focus on designing experiences that teach leadership skills and allow young people to step outside their usual communities to view the broader opportunities available in the culturally rich country.

Women’s Centre Incorporated

The Women’s Centre Incorporated is a charity for women offering free counselling, legal consultation, crisis support and other resources including a library and low-cost courses. The organisation receives contact from up to ten thousand women in need, each and every year. These women need support for both their mental and physical health and safety; anything from domestic violence, to trauma, grief and homelessness.

New Brighton Project Inc

Part of the New Brighton Project is its Blanket Bank which works with agencies across Christchurch to support 200 family and individual cases each year. The project accepts and redistributes much needed bedding to people in challenging situations. The team works to provide emergency services all year round, with demand often overruning supply in the chillier months.

Te Ha Ora: Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ Limited

A not-for-profit organisation that supports New Zealanders suffering with respiratory conditions including asthma, which is an important cause considering 1 in 7 children have asthma with 7500 hospital admissions every year.  Part of their work includes developing and supporting best practice in respiratory health as well as an educational program and national tour to teach children the important facts about asthma.

Fresh Start Family Services & Food Bank Incorporated

An organisation that continues to work with the agencies and distributors of care given to individuals and families in crisis. Fresh Start offers budgeting advice and support, as well as emergency services like food. They work hard to reduce pressure and tension within family homes, sensitive to the hardship and distress of people who need their services, while always giving hope.

Cholmondeley Children’s Centre

Since 1925 this organisation has cared for more than 25,000 kids who need help building resilience when serious issues at home need to be resolved. They coordinate a fun, camp-like respite with 24-hour care and an education program. The philosophy of care is beautiful in that it believes children are entitled to respect by adults, and to always feel safe while their emotional needs always met.