Grace recently hosted forty attendees from several Victorian local government organisations at our West Footscray facility, providing an exclusive tour and demonstration of our Grace Digital Office in action. The Grace Digital Office (GDO) is designed to optimise information management and data storage for a wide range of industries and organisations.

“As custodians of our customers critical information, we were extremely pleased to host our valued local government customers and share with them how Grace’s new innovations to our digital solutions can add additional value and assist them in the development and execution of their digital transformation strategies.”
Dean Beatty, General Manager – Digital Solutions

Our Information Management team were proud to demonstrate the capabilities of GDO in giving public, private and Government organisations a central hub to manage and access data and documents. Through intuitive systems, digital scan on demand, mailroom and simple document retrieval, GDO streamlines and automates processes.


“The event was a resounding success … Through discussions with our customers the GDO Enhanced Scan on Demand was born – providing an end-to-end service that [is] secure, compliant but most importantly – [provides] enhanced file formats to ensure the information [is] reliable, authentic, accessible and usable. Through discussions with attendees it was clear that Grace are taking a collaborative approach to solving the unique challenges in local Government.”
James Nutt, National Digital Solutions Manager


General Manager – Digital Solutions, Dean Beatty and National Digital Solutions Manager, James Nutt showed how GDO meets the needs of local government in particular; demonstrating solutions to common challenges and our ability to adapt the system to focus on productive activities. Through a user-friendly portal, GDO makes information access a simple process while maintaining compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and privacy requirements.

“Grace Digital Office, powered by ELO and oMail, is Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) compliant … [The] GDO Enhanced Scan on Demand service, [is] based on the principle of stopping paper re-entering the Council … [and] our form-based workflow system delivers secure and compliant means of requesting physically stored information – digitally.
Through the GDO Digital Mailroom we go a step further to not only stop the paper re-entering the Council from the public, we remove the labour intensive manual processes of classifying, indexing and registering the mail items into existing information management systems to allow the Council staff to “do more with less”.
[The] Grace Digital Office suite of solutions [ensures] that Council information is managed as an asset, is subject to appropriate governance, is reliable and authentic, accessible and usable, and is managed, preserved and protected through its lifecycle before being disposed of appropriately.”
James Nutt, National Digital Solutions Manager

With pathways for businesses to process towards digital maturity, increase productivity and reduce manual labour around information management, Grace Digital Office works with our clients to best capture, sort and store their information. With a focus on classification and cleansing of data, GDO eliminates redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) material to ensure only value adding business information is stored.

“Grace has been working with local Government for over 20 years to understand their unique information management challenges. [We’ve] developed a service delivery model based on our deep understanding of the life cycle of content … whilst adhering to the regulations governed by the Public Record Office of Victoria (PROV). The underlining principle for this is that there’s not a “one size fits all” solution …
Once a Council’s ‘digital maturity’ is assessed, we design an actionable and tailor-made strategy coined as a ‘transformation pathway’ … [regardless] of whether their council is a ‘cautious adopter’ looking to start small … or a ‘digital champion’ looking at applying an enterprise-wide transformation, we will be able to lay the groundwork for their success. Through automating manual processes, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), [we] free up valuable time … so that they can focus on what is important – continuous improvement.

James Nutt, National Digital Solutions Manager

Following a demonstration of GDO, attendees toured our warehouse, experiencing firsthand the speed and ease in which information is received, processed and retrieved through work orders for individual files. After a short break for lunch, Desi Lorand, Chief Executive for eCloud, detailed how their end to end services compliment the Grace Digital Office suite of programs to deliver fully automated programs.

When asked about what GDO Digital Mailroom means for local government, Desi explained that, “One attendee, who is using a digitised inbound mail automated service, mentioned that three years ago she was scared of the impending digital change and now she cannot imagine going back to the manual mail processing she and the team used to do. She also finds her current work far more interesting, responsible and fulfilling.”

Exploring a case study through Nillumbik Shire Council, we demonstrated how GDO Digital Mailroom saved over 25 hours each day in the opening, sorting, scanning and registering of paper mail. This was further supported by a presentation by Bethany Sinclair-Giardini from the Yarra Ranges Council. She described how GDO has been able to increase productivity and reduce timeframes across all stages of information management for the council.

As a leading provider of Information Management Services, Grace continues to develop secure and compliant digital innovations as part of our end-to-end suite of services, including AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). We look forward to providing the Grace Digital Office to new and existing clients, optimising their information management processes and reducing the time and effort spent storing, retrieving and coordinating records.

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