The current COVID-19 climate has raised unsurmountable uncertainty around business operations. Many businesses find themselves shifting their model day to day, aiming to survive and prove adaptable in a rapidly changing environment. Aged care and hospital sectors are at the forefront of absorbing the widespread effect, as highly essential services concerned with safeguarding those that are most vulnerable. Grace Business Services is an expert in providing tailored solutions that minimise business disruptions. The GBS team has focused all efforts on adapting these solutions to aid the effected sectors. 

A clean environment 

Clean and sterile environments are essential in this climate to ensure wellbeing of patients and residents of care facilities and hospitals. Hygiene being of utmost importance, Grace Business Services and its FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment) teams are aiding care facilities with removing all surfaces to allow for a deep clean before the flu season arrives. This is something that should be implemented across all sectors regularlyespecially in current circumstances. Our dedicated and passionate teams focus on maintaining stringent hygiene and distancing while on site and perform a comprehensive surface wipe down on completion of all work. 

Care facility services 

Over the weekend several national-scale aged care facilities have either closed their doors or imposed strict restrictions on visitors. These facilities have been seen to additionally implement amplified social distancing and hygiene measures to protect the elderly from a potentially serious health risk. The aged care sector has also experienced significant staff shortages due to concerned employees opting for sick leave if showing any signs of being unwell. Grace Business Services and its FF&E experts can assist with restructuring and relocating resident, office and visitor or waiting area fittings and equipment at short notice. Apart from assistance in terms of manpower, our expert service providers will absorb potential OHS issues that surface with untrained physical handling of equipment. Our teams can assist with transferring residents and their belongings between facilities, as well as packing, removal and storing of goods in the unfortunate event that a resident pass 

Hospital assistance 

Regulation and processes within the medical field are changing suddenly and require efficient response. From Wednesday, the Australian private hospital sector has been impacted by a decision to ban non-essential or elective surgery which would lead to significant loss of revenue for these facilities. Having built an expert level reputation relocating commercial clients within medical suites, hospitals and laboratories, Grace Business Services can aid the hospital sector in many aspects. Our experts can look after transferring or relocating medical equipment, beds and fittings no longer being utilised to aid other hospitals in accommodating an exponential influx of patients. Our Records Management teams can further look after relocation or destruction of confidential health records for those private health facilities looking to downsize or cease operation. 

Grace Business Services can offer flexibility of service that is tailored around unique business needs. With over 100 years in experience and a drive to do more for our clients, we are ready and running when your business requires us to have a solution ready. Calling us and having a chat to an expert as soon as possible will allow you to plan with confidence, knowing that we will take care of all logistics with passion, excellence, and action. That’s our promise to you. 

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