Grace Information Management Blog

Grace Information Management is simplifying the way the club industry in Australia capture membership applications.

Instead of getting new members to fill in tedious forms, Grace Information Management has launched the Grace Digital Club Membership Application platform for mobile devices which makes the whole membership process easy and cost effective.

The Grace app is iPad and Android compatible and enables new club members to register their personal details, take their own photo and add their signature — all in one seamless process.

It reduces the need for timely and expensive data entry by club administration staff as it also integrates directly with most operational systems used by the clubs industry.

The app also eliminates the challenge of staff trying to interpret hand writing which is fast becoming a lost art due to the advent of computers and SMS.

The Grace Digital Club Membership Application will enable clubs to:

  • Streamline membership processes
  • Save time (less manpower and processing)
  • Save money (less printing, paper and manpower)
  • Improve customer service and member experience
  • Reduce their physical storage needs
  • Reduce their carbon footprint by 90 per cent
  • Improve data accuracy (less potential for human error)

Best of all, with the help of the Grace app, clubs can redirect their resources to customer service and revenue generating activities.

Grace Information Management will be demonstrating the app at this year’s CMAA Hospitality Expo in Sydney in March.