The Australian Government’s Digital Continuity 2020 Policy has been created to support the digital transformation and e-governance of government documents. The digitisation of information is expected to help government agencies provide better and more efficient services to Australians.

The purpose of the policy

The purpose of the Digital Continuity 2020 Policy is to enable the integration of information and practices. The policy will help to optimise the delivery of government programs and services, enable information for reuse and protect the rights and entitlements of Australians.

The policy statement

  • Government agencies will manage their information as an asset, creating and managing it for as long as required and taking into account business needs and risk.
  • Government agencies will transition to entirely digital work processes. This means business processes, including authorisations and approvals will be completed digitally and information will be created and managed in a digital format.
  • Agencies will have interoperable information, systems and process that meet the standards for management, improve information quality and enable it to be found, managed and shared easily and efficiently.

So, what’s changing?

Under the Archives Act 1983, ‘Commonwealth Records’ refers to information in digital and non-digital formats that is created, used or received as part of government business. The policy will identify these records and recommend digital information management practices for them. The National Archives of Australia has the authority to ensure the status of digital information management in agencies and make recommendations for further enhancements.

Developing end-to-end digital work processes provides opportunities for agencies to establish more mature and efficient procedures and services that engage the public directly and effectively, while providing opportunities for process improvements and innovation. The Australian Government aims to have this completed by 31 December, 2020.

The Australian Government’s push to have agencies make the switch to digital information management by 2020 has also encouraged other businesses and organisations to do the same.

For more information on the Digital Continuity 2020 Policy and what it entails, please visit the National Archives of Australia website here. For help digitising your company’s information records, speak to one of Grace’s helpful Information Management Consultants here.